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Everything you need at a glance, everywhere and at all times, compact and right at hand.

Everything for your customers at a glance, everywhere and at all times, compact and right at hand.

Real Garant: Customer Loyalty 2.0

A genuine innovation: Real Garant Versicherung AG is the first provider of warranty solutions in Germany to bring an app for smartphones onto the market. This enables customers to view all information and dates concerning their warranty with just a few clicks.

Technical advances and pioneering innovations in the automotive sector have for many years been driving Real Garant to develop and offer new products and services.

This innovative spirit is evident in the warranty provider’s latest product: a modern app for smartphones that combines technical advances with a service-focused commitment to customers.

In this way, car dealerships can introduce Customer Loyalty 2.0 in their business.

Care4mobility provides warranty holders at all time with a detailed overview about all important vehicle data, contact data from the car dealership, and contract content and even notifies them about upcoming dates, such as HU/AU dates that are expiring and the expiration of their warranty.

Care4mobility can be downloaded by both iPhone and Android users. Multiple contracts can be loaded into the app, which then automatically adjusts to conform to the user’s language and region settings without any additional effort.

Would you like to introduce care4mobility for your forward-looking customer loyalty?
Then arrange to have your car dealership activated and enable your customers to use care4mobility:
Send us an email at or call our customer service line under 07158/953-29.


Your vehicle and contract data simple and carefree on your smartphone!

care4mobility is the first app on the market with which you can view your vehicle and contract data

on your smartphone always and everywhere
compact and handy
and with everything you need at a glance.

Paper and plastic cards are now a thing of the past.

In addition, care4mobility reminds you about important dates involving your vehicle (end of warranty, technical inspections, etc.), and in the event of emergencies, you have all important contact data at your fingertips. Simply click to call your car dealership or send an email to your sales representative.

You can use care4mobility if you purchased your vehicle from a car dealership that is registered for use. Just ask at your car dealership.

Download now at no charge!

care4mobility is available at no charge for iPhone and Android users. Click on one of the AppStore buttons to go straight to the download area.

If you are unable to register with your contract number, please contact your car dealership.

The most important functions at a glance

Vehicle Data

All vehicle data at a glance, such as vehicle manufacturer/model, power, mileage at the time of purchase, date of initial registration, vehicle identification number, and license plate number.

Dealer Data

All important dealer data right at hand, such as dealer contact, email/phone/fax (with call/email function), and dealer address (with navigation function).

Contract Data

Contract data clear and compact. Contract number, contract date and warranty period/start/end at a glance, contract documentation as pdf, and much more.

Notification Service

Helpful reminder function for HU/AU, as well as when the warranty period is expiring.

NAll documentation about your contract always on hand

NYou receive reminders about upcoming dates

NIn the event of damage, the correct contact is immediately at your fingertips

NCan replace your customer card

NModern, pioneering customer-loyalty tool

NCustomers always have your contact data directly at their fingertips

NCustomers can contact you directly

NCustomer are reminded about upcoming dates

NIncrease in service return

NCost savings in terms of customer mailings and issuance of customer cards

All vehicle data at a glance

  • Vehicle manufacturer/model
  • Power
  • Mileage at the time of purchase
  • Date of initial registration
  • Vehicle identification number
  • License plate number

All contract data at a glance

  • Contract number
  • Contract date
  • Warranty period
  • Start and end (with notification function in the event that the warranty period is expiring)
  • Contract documentation as pdf

All dealer data at a glance

  • Dealer address (with navigation function)
  • Seller
  • Dealer contact email/phone/fax (with call/email function)

Reminder about HU/AU inspection

  • Notification function regarding HU/AU

About Real Garant

For almost 30 years Real Garant has been a specialist in guarantee insurance and the provider of the givit GMS warranty management system for private guarantees in the automotive sector. The business is active in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, and is a long-term partner of the major manufacturers, importers and car dealerships. Real Garant Versicherung AG has been a subsidiary of the Zurich Group in Germany since 2007.

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